Jadex Web API

A goal of Jadex Active Components is to integrate easily into Web environments. This is approached by providing easy REST/Web Service integration as well as a JavaScript API to directly communicate with Jadex services via HTML5 Websockets.

Jadex REST Service integration

Jadex provides an integrated approach to interact with Web Services such as SOAP and REST. Fortunately, Jadex and REST/SOAP have one thing in common: they use services in order to provide functionality. In consequence, Jadex services can be published as REST Services and REST Services can be used just as any other service in Jadex after they are setup.

Full Guide: REST Web Services

Providing REST Services

To publish a service as REST Service, the publish property has to be added to the @ProvidedService annotation:

    publish=@Publish(publishtype=IPublishService.PUBLISH_RS, publishid="http://localhost:8081/userservice")
public class UserAgent {...

Inside the @Publish annotation, we have two parameters:

  • the publishtype defines whether to publish as REST (PUBLISH_RS) or SOAP (PUBLISH_WS) Webservice
  • the publishid determines the base location for this service

Additionally, the service interface (IUserService) has to declare Metadata of the methods to publish:

String sayHello();

This method can than be called by issuing a GET request to url http://localhost:8081/userservice/sayHello.

To retrieve and parse input, the javax.ws.rs.QueryParam annotation can be used:

IFuture<Boolean> addUser(@QueryParam("name") String name);

IFuture<String> getUsers();

If you would like to use XML output as in the example above, you may use the included jadex.xml.bean.JavaWriter:

private List<User> users = new ArrayList<User>();

public IFuture<String> getUsers() {
    return new Future(JavaWriter.objectToXML(users, this.getClass().getClassLoader()));

Consuming REST Services

Javascript / HTML5 websockets (commercial license only)

This feature is currently in development stage. Documentation will be available soon.