Class RInternalEvent

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      • Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class jadex.bdiv3.runtime.impl.RProcessableElement

      • Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class jadex.bdiv3.runtime.impl.RParameterElement

        jadex.bdiv3.runtime.impl.RParameterElement.RParameter, jadex.bdiv3.runtime.impl.RParameterElement.RParameterSet
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        apl, pojoelement, state, triedplans
      • Fields inherited from class jadex.bdiv3.runtime.impl.RParameterElement

        parameters, parametersets
      • Fields inherited from class jadex.bdiv3.runtime.impl.RElement

        agent, cnt, id, modelelement
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      java.lang.String getFetcherName()
      Get the name of the element in the fetcher (e.g.
      boolean isAdopted()
      Check if the element is currently part of the agent's reasoning.
      • Methods inherited from class jadex.bdiv3.runtime.impl.RProcessableElement

        addTriedPlan, getApplicablePlanList, getPojoElement, getState, getTriedPlans, planFinished, setApplicablePlanList, setPojoElement, setState, setState, setTriedPlans, testWriteOK
      • Methods inherited from class jadex.bdiv3.runtime.impl.RParameterElement

        addParameter, addParameterSet, createParameter, createParameter, createParameterSet, createParameterSet, get, getParameter, getParameters, getParameterSet, getParameterSets, getType, hasParameter, hasParameterSet, initParameters, wrapFetcher
      • Methods inherited from class jadex.bdiv3.runtime.impl.RElement

        getAgent, getCapability, getId, getMCapability, getModelElement, getRuleSystem, setId, setModelElement, toString
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      • getFetcherName

        public java.lang.String getFetcherName()
        Get the name of the element in the fetcher (e.g. $goal).
        Specified by:
        getFetcherName in class jadex.bdiv3.runtime.impl.RParameterElement
        The element name in the fetcher name.
      • isAdopted

        public boolean isAdopted()
        Check if the element is currently part of the agent's reasoning. E.g. the bases are always adopted and all of their contents such as goals, plans and beliefs.
        Specified by:
        isAdopted in class jadex.bdiv3.runtime.impl.RParameterElement